Trip to the Salon – Unexpected find!

I have been soooo torn lately. I like my natural hair color, but at the same time I love light blonde hair. Ugh! I can never decide what I want to do with this mop! 😛 So, I take the plunge and decide I will try to go platinum blonde (all over color). The results? Well, let’s just say I did NOT end up with white hair. My natural color is a dark ash blonde… so I chose the lightest ash blonde as my color. I did this for two reasons 1) I loved the color. 2.) Ash neutralizes any brassy tones. WRONG! My color is a very light yellowish blonde. 😦

On the bright side… my hair is fairly short! This means it will take it very little time to grow out. 😀

Just thought I would share some hair struggles with you all! Just keeping it real.

My trip to the salon was not all bad…


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